3 Quick Tips For Betting on Baseball

There are a lot of opinions out there when it comes to betting on baseball, or any sport for that matter. People seem to think that they have all the answers, and for the most part, that’s fine. With so many people saying something about the subject, it can be hard to establish your own set of rules, systems, and options into play. In order to decipher some of the many opinions, this post will help shed light on 3 quick tips for putting money down on the game, and make money. These are just 3 common options for the novice, and aren’t the elaborate make up of higher end systems that are out there. Even if you don’t have a huge amount of money to drop on games, this will help get you going.

Do Not Bet On Your Favorite Team – This is a big mistake that many people make. Sure, you might know your team inside and out, but getting emotionally attached to any team that you’re betting on is not a good idea. You’ll end up hoping and wishing, instead of systematically breaking down match ups and making educated decisions. Emotions are great in baseball, if you’re simply a fan, but if you’re going to risk money, do not let them become the driving force of your bets. You will be sorry.

Field Advantages – One thing that most people don’t realize about the game, is that certain teams thrive when playing inside domes. Look carefully at the stats between teams that play in domes and don’t, and whenever there is a mismatch, jump on it. Certain players aren’t used to the way the field works inside a dome, and can make mistakes when running, catching, and even hitting. The dynamic is odd, but it seems to be a key factor in many mistakes made by even veteran players.

The Closer – Watch out for monster closers. The pitching relief staff is going to make or break certain games for you, and you have to look closely for a monster closer. These closers will end games within a few pitches, and no one’s going to hit off of them. Think of monster closers like the grim reapers in baseball. Some of the monsters of the past have been JJ Putz, Brandon League, Brian Wilson, Mariano Rivera, and more. When a team has these guys in rotation, and healthy, watch out for their team to help carry your bets, winning money left and right, just don’t solely rely on them.

The above are 3 tips that will help novice betters get more experience with betting on baseball. If you take nothing away from this, remember, the game is a lot more complicated when you’re betting, then simply enjoying a day at the ballpark.

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