Baseball Betting – Doing It Right

Sport betting in these modern times is an art form that many people don’t understand. Even though many people place one on one bets for teams that they love or hate, only a few specialists make serious money with sports. The reason why most people don’t get moving forward with serious payouts is because they aren’t looking beyond the starters. Sure, a team can have a solid line up, but if the focus of a sports betting strategy is solely placed on the stars, heavy losses are going to rise systematically. Among the more difficult sports to make serious dough at is baseball. Baseball betting is something that many novice gamblers don’t understand, especially if their bets are based on who’s on the mound. This is especially true with the modern game, which seems to place major merit on the pitching staff, opposed to the whole picture. If you want to clean up, you won’t be able to do so by focusing on just one component, and it will be painfully obvious over time. Consider how to bet the right way, starting with an appreciation for the sport.

The first thing you want to do as a gambler or just a sports fan is to make sure that you check your fan favorites at the door. If you are a diehard member of any teams cheering section, you do not want that to influence your decision-making. This will hinder your progress as a handicapper, it always does. Once you’ve established yourself as a non-partial sports better, you will need to make sure that you stick to that notion. You’ll find match ups between your favorite team, and have to pick a side, and that might not be in your liking, but it will have financial benefit later on.

The second thing to do is look at teams that are always bad. These teams consistently lose upwards of 100 and more games. One such example, and perennial losing team is the Mariners. The Seattle Mariners have seen some great times, especially after Safeco Field opened, but in recent years they have seen some hard times. They are one team to safely bet on to lose even highly contested games. They have gone through line up changes, pitcher changes, and even with the help of an aging clubhouse favorite in Ken Griffey Jr. they couldn’t muster up enough bravado to get anywhere near the playoffs. Look for these losing teams to lose often, and make you serious money.

One last note, make sure to start enjoying the stats. You need to be well acquainted with all the statistics that are important. Do not under any circumstances only focus on home runs, and percentages that don’t matter. Look for stats like ERA, RBI, winning and losing streaks, on base percentages and more. Look for things that are relevant to scoring, because you’re going to need the numbers to help you make educated decisions.

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